I'm a dad, genealogist, dairy farmer, ice cream maker, opera singer, fiddler extraordinaire and a few other eclectic oddities. I love life, I love people and I love being me.

I absolutely LOVE to sing. It is my passion. I have been involved in many talent shows and auditions including Idaho Idol for 3 years. I also tried out for American Idol when I was 15 and made it to California to sing on the Queen Mary! I also had to opportunity to sing WITH ALEX BOYE! I sang with him last June when he came to Idaho Falls, ID for the 100 year celebration with Idaho Steel. My dad played the drums, my brother played the guitar and my sisters and I sang back up to Alex! It was an amazing experience I will cherish forever. I would love to get the chance to sing for this competition! Thank you! 

I'm a singer/songwriter. I play several instruments as well. I also save lives as a nurse here at the hospital where I stab people with needles and they thank me for it :) I'm also a husband to a wonderful woman and we have 5 children that are all in school. We have lived in the Star Valley for 3 years and we love it here. 

I like singing and hanging out with friends. I also really enjoy working out and pushing myself in everything I do. I also play the guitar a bit but nothing to fancy. I am going to college at the University of Wyoming but I will be switching to Western Wyoming hoping to get my associates in music education.

meet the contestants

Well I’m originally from Manhattan Beach, CA but basically lived my summers in Star Valley my whole life. So Star valley is very special to me. A friend of mine up there texted me and was like “YOU HAVE TO DO SWIFT IDOL THIS YEAR” I am living in London Utah at the moment, going to school at Utah Valley University for commercial music. I’ve been *seriously* pursuing a career in music (my genre being pop/r&b) for about 2 months now, working on an album at the moment, but I’ve always loved singing. I am half black half white so I feel like my voice is really really unique and has a really different texture. I was adopted as a baby along with my four siblings who are also halfsies. My parents both being Caucasian, tried to expose me to lots of jazz and R&B growing up because they wanted me to understand my culture and heritage since we lived in a predominantly white area. So, most of my influence comes from those early 90’s r&b groups. I think I would bring some diversity to the competition and I would love a chance to come compete in my home away from home. Usually I just bake pies to compete in the fair but this year I wanna sing :) 

I am a 17 year old high school student from Madison High School here in Rexburg Idaho. I have a love for science and music. This past year I was asked to represent Idaho in the Washington Youth Summit on the Environment over in Washington D.C, and was able to work with NASA engineers and Biologists at the Smithsonian. Although I have a love for science, I personally connect and have a greater love for music. I have been around music for all of my life, from my brother and father playing the guitar and singing to my mother singing and I started to sing as well. High school is hard and not making friends and being able to express how you feel is even harder. I struggle everyday with depression and anxiety and being able to have music around me all the time makes it easier for me to come out of all the negative and face all the positive, its a way for me to express how I feel. I want to one day share my music with others and just be that one positive person that can make a positive impact on them.